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Megan Sullivan



My journey began early in life as a young child. I come from an ancestral lineage of psychic's, beginning with my Great Grandmother. My mother and father have had experiences with Spirit as children. My mother saw and heard Spirit. My father would have vivid memories of astral traveling. Sadly, they both chose not to explore or embrace their gifts. For me, however, my gifts felt very natural, and is an enormous part of who I am. I interacted and saw Spirit at a young age. I would be given information from Spirit through dreams and visions. I am an intuitive Clairvoyant Reader, Psychic Medium, Channeler, Empath, Clairaudient, and Healer.


I have always been the person that my friends would come to when they needed advice, often calling me an "old, wise, soul." In 2005, I had a life changing experience, which threw me into a tremendous period of spiritual growth. As a result, a close friend introduced me to meditation. Through this experience, I was able to directly connect with Spirit and my Guides in ways that I was unable to before to which Spirit began to push me to truly embrace my gifts. I was shown images of myself from past lives, as a healer from many different lifetimes. The development of my deep connection to Spirit lead all of my abilities to flourish. It felt more like a homecoming - a remembrance and reintroduction to myself and who I am as a healer and to stand tall and walk in my purpose. I began to channel Spirit and other light beings. I then learned how to clear, balance and align my own Chakra's and energy field. I also began to read books about Spirituality, and began to study and learn how to perform Aura Healings, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Sound Healing, and Crystal Healing. Spirit continuously guides and pushes me to truly embrace my gifts, and walk in my purpose as a healer each and every day.

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