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Karina Hemby


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Karina discovered her Mediumship and Psychic abilities later in life from "specific occurrences" trying to get her attention that led to her Spiritual path. She has many years of Evidential Mediumship training by well-known credited Mediums, and she believes it will be a lifetime of learning.


She has the natural ability of connecting to your loved ones who have passed by using the "Clairs" senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing with the intention to provide you with evidential information of their soul's continual existence. She believes in integrity and importantly, wants her clients to walk away knowing in their hearts their loved ones were right there with them while receiving Healing and Beautiful Loving messages.


Karina also provides Psychic readings by connectng to your energy to help give guidance, healing, and growth regarding your soul's purpose, relationships, career path, or just your curiosity of what comes forward.

Karina is available for in-person readings at Angel Heart 4 You or over the phone.

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