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In 2002, Tana Newberry had a near death experience and realized in that moment she had the ability to channel, saving her life and ultimately changing it forever. Soon after she became passionate about sharing her psychic gifts. She has been a professional Psychic Reader for over thirteen years conducting over 10,000 sessions, is a seasoned Psychic Development Teacher and has been heard on over 500 radio shows since 2005. Tana's following of clients and students love her for her vibrant, warm, and passionate energy. She is a published Book and Oracle Deck author.

Tana specializes in timelines (personal predictions), choices and purpose. By sharing insight on these topics, she empowers her clients to choose the realities they are trying to create. She does this by helping them to navigate through each decision, healing process or relationship with Spirit's Guidance.


Today, much of Tana’s work takes place in Benicia, California and long distance for clients literally around the world. She offers Psychic Tarot Readings, Crystal Readings, Experiencer Readings and Crystal-Reiki Healings. She teaches a multitude of Psychic Development classes helping Spiritual Seekers to identify and cultivate their own abilities to see, hear, feel and know Spirit’s guidance.

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